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Haines to Haines Bike Relay

June 20

Alligator's owner, Ali, will be participating in the 2015 Haines Junction to Haines Alaska bike relay! She has (perhaps foolishly) signed up for the second half of the race, a whopping 127km. Yikes! Due to this fact, Alligator's will be closed Saturday, June 20. Wish me luck!

24 Hour Bike Race

June 27 & 28

We will be serving at the 24 hour bike relay race put on by the Contagious Mountain Bikers Club here in Whitehorse! The race is being held on Grey Mountain. Please note, because of this event Alligator's will not be at our usual spot on the Wharf on Saturday, June 27.

ATlin Arts and Music Festival

July 10-12

Check out this awesome festival in Atlin, BC!

We are, and we will be serving our delightful grilled cheese sandwiches there while listening to the great folky tunes that this festival is know for. Please note, we will be away from out usual spot on the wharf during this time.

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